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          810 Wheel Loader-Wheel Loader-Jiangsu Shangqi Heavy Industry Technology CO.,LTD.

          810 Wheel Loader

          • Introduce
          • Parameters
          • Dimensions


          Wheel Loader is a new generation Wheel Loader developed and produced by Shangqi Heavy Industry, which can be used for material loading and unloading, short-distance transportation,can be installed with various of attachments, which can achieve multi-purpose of lifting, traction, clamping, digging and drilling, raking the ground, weeding, feeding and so on, widely used in farm, ranch, infrastructure, road construction as well as stations, docks and other operating conditions.

          - Quick change with various attachments
          - High performance environmental protection engine imported from Japan
          - Whole hood can be overturned, maintenance more convenient
          - Safety and comfortable driver protection guard / Cab
          - Advanced ergonomic engineering design
          - Hydrostatic transmission system


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