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          Jiangsu Shangqi Heavy Industry Technology CO.,LTD.

          Talent strategy

          We sincerely invite you to join us and make great achievements!
          We admire the elite, we are eager for talent, you are the raw power of shangqi heavy industry to pursue excellence!
          Jion shangqi heavy industry,you will have a good working atmosphere, challenging work, wide career space and competitive salary and welfare benefits.

          Recruitment information

          Airport ground handling equipment engineer/loader engineer/forklift engineer
          1. Major in mechanical design, mechanical and electrical integration, Bachelor degree or above
          2. Proficient in AutoCAD, solidworks, office and other related applications;
          3. Experience in the design of the whole machine, and more than 3 years of experience in pneumatic, mechanical transmission and mechanism design
          4. Love mechanical design, and have a flexible mind and strong spatial imagination
          5. Strong sense of responsibility, focus on strictly work style, good communication skills, and good teamwork.
          6. Develop and design mechanical parts, draw assembly and parts drawings
          7. Compile, revise and confirm the drawings, specifications and product samples.
          8. Set up the installation support plan, accept and debug the new equipment, and explain the mechanical principles and repair essentials to the assembly team and after-sales personnel,to solve the existing problems in the installation process.

          Electronic hardware engineer
          1. Electronic technology application or related major.
          2. At least 5 years experience in hardware design.
          3. Proficient in using DSP, FPGA,MCU,etc.
          4. Design and analysis of mold and electricity, familiar with inverter, dc brushless motor controller, servo motor controller,PCB board design, with the ability of circuit and system debugging.

          Electric welder/electric welding apprentice
          1. Electric welding major or electric welding skills.
          2. Proficient in the second welding technology.

          The fitter/assembly apprentice
          1. Mechanical related major.
          2. Have mechanical or locksmith foundation, etc.